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Following the rewrite of his PS4 PUP Unpacker and his recent PS4LibDoc updates, today PlayStation 4 developer IDC (aka 3226:2143‏) shared his version of the PS4 Playground he calls PS4 Entrypoint 1.76 which supports payload executing for Firmware 1.76 with details below. :ninja:

Download: / GIT / Live Demo / PS4 Entrypoint 4.05

Despite Sony trying to block some PS4 Playground versions, this latest revision comes following the PS4 1.76 Advanced WebKit Playground and recent 4.05 updates from SpecterDev on Discord.

From the, to quote: ps4-entrypoint-176

Payload executing for PS4 firmware 1.76.

Intended to be used with payloads developed using ps4-payload-***. Not required, as long as the payload is well-formed (should be compatible with original PS4-***).

Payload binary should be two 1MB sections. First 1MB section should be readable/executable data, second 1MB section should be readable/writeable data. It is OK if the binary is truncated. Sending more than 2MB of data is likely to corrupt memory and cause issues.

This fork makes several changes to the original PS4-playground to increase stability of running payload binaries and removes everything unrelated to this functionality.


A live demo can be tried here.

You should clone the repo and upload it your own server if you wish to make changes:
git clone***.git
You can also download a zip of the latest source here.

Code Execution

Click "Go", and wait for the text "Stage: Waiting for payload..." to appear.

Send the desired binary over TCP to your PS4 on port 9023; you can use any standard networking tool to do this, or my custom Windows tool, WiFi-Loader

If you're on Linux, the easiest way is probably to use netcat:
nc -w 3 9023 < *.bin
After you have sent the binary, it will be executed automatically.
Cheers to @raedoob for the heads up on this PS4 Scene news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :beer:
PS4 Entrypoint 1.76 Payload Executing for Firmware 1.76 by IDC.jpg



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Doubtful. He's not allowed to develop homebrew/hacks for Sony products anymore, and I don't even know if he's allowed to even comment on homebrew/hacks for Sony products. As per his court settlement/statement. I doubt he would break that, ever.


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He appeared alongside them. And that's where he said he wasn't even allowed to comment on Sony hacks, but if he were, he'd give it a thumbs up. He said it was interesting how they are going through webkit and that hacking the PS3 was so much harder. Did you even watch the event or did you just read about it?

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