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Yes its another esp8266 project o_O
I made this for my own personal use but I will post it for other people to use too.
This is a project designed for the esp8266 D1 Mini to be installed inside the console much like a modchip but to provide a wifi http server and dns server.

The D1 Mini is perfect for this project because it is only 34mm x 25mm in size and can operate off 5v using the 5v pin onboard so the usb connection is not needed and the ps4 has 5v solder points.

The firmware is updatable via http and the exploit files can be managed via http so the esp8266 board once installed never needs to be accessed again.

This is designed to use the 5.05 exploit and payloads in a single html file format like ApptoUsb.html

I would not call this a modchip but its the closest thing we have right now to having a totally self contained method for the PS4 to launch mirafw and the payloads.

Implemented Internal Pages
  • admin.html - the main landing page for administration.
  • index.html - if no index.html is found the server will generate a simple index page and list the payloads automatically.
  • info.html - provides information about the esp board.
  • format.html - used to format the internal storage(SPIFFS) of the esp board.
  • upload.html - used to upload files(html) to the esp board for the webserver.
  • update.html - used to update the firmware on the esp board (fwupdate.bin).
  • fileman.html - used to view / download / delete files on the internal storage of the esp board.
  • config.html - used to configure wifi ap and ip settings.
There is a storage limitation of 2.8mb using the D1 Mini board

The User's Guide in the ps4 settings menu will be redirected to the main index.html

Installation is simple you just use the arduino ide to flash the sketch/firmware to the esp8266 board.

Make sure you set the flash size to 4M (3M SPIFFS)
PS4 Internal Webserver Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini by Stooged 3.jpg

  • Next you connect to the wifi access point with a pc/laptop, PS4_WEB_AP is the default SSID and password is the default password.
  • Then use a webbrowser and goto is the defult webserver ip.
  • On the side menu of the admin page select File Uploader and then click Select Files and locate the esp_html folder from this repo and select all the files inside the esp_html folder and click Upload Files
  • You can then goto Config Editor and change the password for the wifi ap.
Once that is all setup you can then install the esp8266 D1 Mini inside the ps4 console, there are lots of youtube videos to show you how to open the ps4 console and there are some pictures of the points on the ps4 mainboards I use to install the esp8266 D1 Mini inside the images folder of this repo.

Updating the html is simple you just power on the ps4 and connect to the wifi ap with a pc/laptop like you did for the initial install and goto upload files again and upload new html.
you can also go into File Manager and delete or download files.

To update the firmware you goto Firmware Update and upload the new firmware file (fwupdate.bin)

The phat, slim and pro consoles all have a location to fit the esp8266 D1 Mini

PS4 Internal Webserver Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini by Stooged 4.jpg

PS4 Internal Webserver Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini by Stooged 5.jpg

PS4 Internal Webserver Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini by Stooged 6.jpg

This is designed to be a simple payload sender so it does not have spinning moons, mouse trails and pretty pictures. Its boring and basic but it does what it should do, launch payloads so you don't have to look at it again and go play games.

If you like the themes and pictures you can upload your own html as you like, just remember it does not support folders so everything is in the one folder (root).

Console View
PS4 Internal Webserver Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini by Stooged 2.jpg

Admin Panel/PC View
PS4 Internal Webserver Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini by Stooged.jpg



i quite like the idea of these little chips that fit inside the console stooged do you have any pictures of where these 5v pads are on the board


thank you im sourcing a D1 mini always been interested in the esp8266 projects but the internal nature of this really speaks to me il keep you updated and fantastic work i really appreciate you putting the time into creating this


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@stooged - this is very interesting! I was thinking of doing something similar but had a few queries if that's okay:

1) Does the initial firmware (to allow HTTP update) need to be done using USB to write your firmware into base firmware that comes with the hardware.

2) I've seen some D1 Mini come with 16MB flash memory. Would this enable use of the firmwares requiring more memory (as you mentioned 2.8MB limit for memory).

3) Can this version be installed on other ESP8266 devices as sometimes having the 'Lite' version is just what is needed to get the job done.


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The first flash of the firmware is done via usb, that will put the framework inplace for http updating.

The 2.8mb limit is because of the flash size of the boards i used is 4mb, 1mb for firmware and 3mb for spiffs.
I dont know about the 16mb ones but i would think it would work just fine.

The lite boards i have seen only have 1mb flash but if you can find ones with more space they should work

As for other esp8266 boards i cant see why it wouldnt work on those but most might be too big to fit inside the console, trial and error i guess.


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@stooged - thank you for your prompt and informative reply.

The one I've seen on eBay goes under the name D1 Mini Pro. If you add the search term "MB" then it will show the ones I mean.

If these do truly work then you have nearly 4-5 x the memory capacity! Given that most of the current exploits fit on 4MB I suppose this amount of data is not required unless someone can think of doing a multiboot ESP8266 with a initial page being a 'loader to access the others?

Another modification could be wiring the ESP8266 to one of the front usb port and flashing device directly using a USB-A to USB-A connector. It does mean the loss of a USB port however lol.
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