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PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @pakee of recently Contacted Us with news of his PS4 Package (PKG) Manager Homebrew Application public release stating:

"I made software to manage packages and working with 'remote package manager'. This software was for my own purpose for a year, but perhaps it can be useful for the PS4 community."

The PS4 PKG Manager Homebrew Application for Windows can be downloaded below from his site, and he's also accepting donations via šŸ˜

Download: (2.2 MB)

This comes proceeding the original PS4 Remote Package (PKG) Installer, RPI_GUI: PS4 Remote Package Installer Web GUI, PS4RPI: PS4 Remote Package Installer GUI, PS4 Remote Sender GUI Application for MacOS, PS4 Remote PKG Sender GUI for Installing Packages, Improving PS4 Remote Package Installer Speed Guide, Remote PKG Installer Update, PS4 PKG Sender Docker Compose Web Server UI and a PS4 Package (PKG) Sender Release & Tutorial.

Pakee features:

Packages Auto Discover

  • Scan your folders and subfolders to find all your packages in few seconds.
Package Decoder
  • No matter what your file names are , Pakee actually sees who they are.
Simplicity and Readability
  • Everything is simple in the interface, which is complicated ? Pakee takes care of it.
File Server
  • Pakee contains an optimized HTTP file server.
Package Explorer *
  • Scan your remote device to find out which packages are installed.
Package Sender *
  • Transfer your packages or a list of packages, and keep an eye on the available space.
* need RPI for this feature

PS4 Package Manager Tutorial (5.05 Jailbreak)

PS4 Package (PKG) Manager Homebrew Application by Pakee.jpg


Here are a few tips for using this:
  • When entering your Local IP Address make sure you change the Port number to 8080
  • After you have entered the IP addresses of your PC and PS4 and selected your PKG folder, restart the app for the pkgs to show in the app.
  • Make sure there are no spaces in the names of your PKG files or it wont send them.
If you use the 'scan console pak' feature it will falsly show that an update is installed for a game even if it is not.

The are also a few bugs in this regarding game updates.

1. It will not allow you to install a game update.
2. If a game and update is already installed and you try and uninstall just the update it uninstalls the game as well.

I've noticed that the app does not show the correct version number for game updates so that might be what causes the problems.

Could someone else please confirm the above problems. Thanks.
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