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Proceeding their previous PS4 OFW revision and 10.50 PS4 Beta Firmware / System Software updates, today Sony officially pushed live PS4 System Software / Firmware 10.50 with the PS4UPDATE.PUP and changes outlined below. 🙃

:alert: As always, DON'T UPDATE if you wish to use PS4 Game Backup PKGs via PS4 Torrents and Homebrew Apps whenever a new PS4 Jailbreak Exploit arrives in the PlayStation 4 Scene.

Download: PS4 Firmware 10.50 Update (US) / PS4 Firmware 10.50 Update (EU) / PS4 Firmware 10.50 Update (UK) / PS4 Firmware 10.50 Update (AU/NZ) / PS4 Firmware 10.50 Update (JP)

Below is the official v10.50 PS4 Firmware Changelog from Sony's page: PlayStation 4 system software update - PS4 10.50 system software features

PS4 Version 10.50

Main features in the system software update

  • You can now access your authorized apps in [Settings].
    • Authorized apps are third-party apps and services that you've linked your account for PlayStation Network to. When using an authorized app, you give permission to share your account data with that app.
    • To view and manage your authorized apps, go to [Settings] > [Account Management] > [Authorized Apps], and then scan the QR code with your mobile device.
  • Friends that are active on PlayStation App will now show up as online on your friends list.
  • Unicode 15.0 emoji can now be displayed.
  • You can see which of the players in your game session are on other platforms for games that support this feature.
For those just joining the PS4Scene, here are some guides on How to Block PS4 Firmware Updates, How to Delete Downloaded PS4 Update PUPs that haven't been installed yet, How to Update to a Specific PS4 Firmware and PS4HEN Update Blocker Payloads that may be of use.

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SO games under this Firmware are going to be ported to the current exploited ones? Man i was hoping RE4 RE would be released for our JBed consoles... :eek:
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