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Proceeding the PS4 NoBD 4.74 to 5.05 Method, PS4HEN v2.1.2 and PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.2 updates enabling Backported Games to work without spoofing the Target ID to Devkit PlayStation 4 scene developer @Al Azif announced on Twitter that following the recent PS4 5.03 Offsets he updated his Github repository with PS4 OFW 5.03 Port forks of JKPatch and PS4HEN v2.1.2 which will allow those stuck on PS4 System Software 5.03 to update to a Jailbroken PS4 5.05 console once the upgrader work is done. 🥰

Download: / PS4 HEN VTX GIT / / JKPatch GIT

From the JKPatch Jailbreak Kernel Patches


  • Jailbreak
  • Sandbox escape
  • Enable UART
  • RPC server
  • RPC client in C#
I use the standard fake pkg keys, created by flatz.

General Notes

:alert: Only for 5.03 Jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles!

The main jkpatch payload utilizes a port of CTurt's payload ***. Change the Makefile to have LIBPS4 point to the ps4-payload-*** directory on your machine. I could have it referenced from the home directory but meh...
# change this to point to your ps4-payload-*** directory
LIBPS4 := /home/John/ps4-payload-***/libPS4
If you decide to edit the resolve code in the kernel payload, make sure you do not mess with...
void resolve(uint64_t kernbase);
... as it is called from crt0.s. And changing this will produce errors.

See other branches for other kernel support. I will support latest publicly exploited firmware on main branch.

RPC Quickstart

See either Example.cs or look at the RPC documentation.

You can read/write memory, call functions, read/write kernel memory, and even load elfs.

Here is a cool example of an elf loaded into COD Ghosts (forge mod made by me!) You can download the source code to the forge mod here. Have fun!

Thank you to ChendoChap, idc, zecoxao, hitodama,, and anyone else I forgot!

golden <3

And from the PS4HEN v2.1.2 PS4HEN v2.1.2

:alert: WARNING THIS IS FOR 5.03

There is no spoofer in this one as it's meant to be a tool to allow you to update to 5.05

  • Homebrew Enabler
  • Jailbreak
  • Sandbox Escape
  • Debug Settings
  • External HDD Support
  • Remote Package Install
  • Rest Mode Support
  • External HDD Format 7.xx Support
  • Debug Trophies Support
  • sys_dynlib_dlsym Patch

Massive credits to the following:
PS4HEN v2.1.2 & JKPatch 5.03 Ports for Updating to 5.05 PS4 Firmware.jpg



can we please have a jailbreak and some new games before we all die of NcoV ffs... there won't be no ps5 at this rate and you'll all be jumping across the pond for xbox if they're so lucky :p

Al Azif

Senior Member
To those who don't understand, if you have a broken BD drive and you are on >= 4.74 your PS4 will NOT let you update. This isn't a matter of you not wanting to update but rather you are not able to.

So seeing as until now there was no working 5.03 exploit, and no 5.03 HEN, etc a 5.03 console with a broken BD drive couldn't do anything exploit related and you couldn't update to 5.05. With me getting the 5.03 exploit working now we have the whole block covered from 4.74-5.07 with working exploits.
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