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In case someone is interested, after PSJoy which I've released one year ago and following my RemotePlayPrototype open source research project I have developed a new Android app called PSPlay.

PSPlay offers you the possibility to remote control your PS4 without limitations. You can play your favorite games remotely while you are away*. PSPlay is optimized to provide streaming experience with lowest latency possible.

It's also a 3rd Party Remote Play client which supports 3rd Party controllers mobile data connections, multiple PS4 profiles and PS4 firmware from 5.05 to 7.00. A PC is of course not required anymore, you can check it out here:

Download: PSPlay: Unlimited PS4 Remote Play (Early Access) / PSPlay Website

There will be a special offer for the alpha test of PSPlay which starts tomorrow. Similar to REPL4Y, the app will be available for free for one week. Any feedback or suggestions for improvements are welcome.

A detailed tutorial will be published on my YouTube Channel soon as well as an introduction video. In the meantime you can have a look at the help website of PSPlay in case you have some questions.

*Please note: if you want to play over the Internet when you are not at home you have to configure port forwarding on your router. Otherwise, playing remotely will not work when you are not connected to your network at home.
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@Ps4skyguy if your are using firmware version 7.0 you have to enter the Account-Id of your PSN-ID. This is a unique identifier for your PSN-ID which contains only numbers. Sony changed that in the recent firmware unfortunately and the only option is to temporarily login to your account and request the id.

If you know it you can enter the id manually so no login is required. If you are just using an older firmware than 7.0 just click the checkbox "I use PS4 firmware < 7.0" and you should be able to enter your normal PSN-ID (maybe you have to click again in the PSN-ID textbox on your screen). Just let me know if that works for you.


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Yeah this isn't a topic for whining about new jailbreaks that likely won't come until PS4 EOL, find a job or sell plasma etc and get another PS4 until then.

Also I can confirm the PSPlay free trial is live, thanks for your work! :love:

PSPlay Free Trial.jpg


Like I said on my review it works on 5.05 and my note 9.
Run exploit hen then ren and it connects at the first try. I haven't try over the internet though, I'll try it tonite.
Great job keep up the good work guys.


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@Piniusa thank you for the feedback. Playing over the Internet should work fine but keep in mind that you maybe have to adjust the bitrate manually in the settings of PSPlay (Settings -> Remote) to get a smooth streaming experience. The auto adjusting while streaming is currently not implemented. Try to set the Bitrate to Low in the worst case. Will improve that in the future.
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