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In PS4Scene news today following the PSXITArch Linux PS4 Installation Guide and latest PS4 FPKGs, the Spine PlayStation 4 Emulator for Linux is now updated to Spine PS4 Emulator Build 20210901 (dated September 1st) by devofspine on Github. 🐧

Download: spine-20210901.rar (47.73 MB) / spine-20210901.rar (Mirror) / spine (3.07 MB - supports windowed mode via -w parameter) / spine (3.07 MB - fixes a bug that wouldn't let the executable run if /dev/shm was marked as no-exec) / spine (Mirror via _nyannoying) / GIT / Spine PS4 Emulator 2021 Updated Compatibility Spreadsheet (Unofficial) via MrPerson156

According to @zecoxao on Twitter, it loads a bit of the intro to Save The Scene PS4 Homebrew PKG Game by @Lapy and includes a 5.05 compatibility list (compatibility.xlsx) noting that other games might work.

From the included README.txt: spine version 2021/09/01
  • made by spinedev
  • compatibility list (rudimentar, please improve it) in compatibility.xlsx
  • please include firmware dependencies in firmware folder
  • for linux only. for ubuntu it's required to install libsdl2-dev, rest of libs are available in lib folder
  • chmod a+x both lib folder contents and spine executable, then you can place these contents in your game folder and type
  • ./spine eboot.bin
  • fself eboots are supported
As for controls, it states:
  • arrow keys to move (dpad)
  • zxcvb etc keys should be for triangle, square, circle, cross, options, etc
  • undertale works really well as well as we are doomed, others ingame may experience some graphical glitches and artifacts
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Senior Member
PS4 running Linux to run PS4 emulator which runs Linux to run PS4 emulator... when does it end!?

Great work and hopefully opens up debug opportunities.