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In PS4Scene news today following the PSXITArch Linux PS4 Installation Guide and latest PS4 FPKGs, the Spine PlayStation 4 Emulator for Linux is now updated to Spine PS4 Emulator Build 20210901 (dated September 1st) by devofspine on Github followed by Spine PS4 Emulator Build 20220117 (dated January 17th, 2022). šŸ§

Download: (93.4 MB - Latest Version) / GIT / (70.62 MB) / (Mirror via _nyannoying) / spine-20210901.rar (47.73 MB) / spine-20210901.rar (Mirror) / spine (3.07 MB - supports windowed mode via -w parameter) / spine (3.07 MB - fixes a bug that wouldn't let the executable run if /dev/shm was marked as no-exec) / spine (Mirror via _nyannoying) / GIT (Demo) / Spine PS4 Emulator 2021 Updated Compatibility Spreadsheet (Unofficial) via MrPerson156

According to @zecoxao on Twitter, it loads a bit of the intro to Save The Scene PS4 Homebrew PKG Game by @Lapy and includes a 5.05 compatibility list (compatibility.xlsx) noting that other games might work.

From the included README.txt: spine version 2021/09/01
  • made by spinedev
  • compatibility list (rudimentar, please improve it) in compatibility.xlsx
  • please include firmware dependencies in firmware folder
  • for linux only. for ubuntu it's required to install libsdl2-dev, rest of libs are available in lib folder
  • chmod a+x both lib folder contents and spine executable, then you can place these contents in your game folder and type
  • ./spine eboot.bin
  • fself eboots are supported
As for controls, it states:
  • arrow keys to move (dpad)
  • zxcvb etc keys should be for triangle, square, circle, cross, options, etc
  • undertale works really well as well as we are doomed, others ingame may experience some graphical glitches and artifacts
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šŸ”„ Also heating things up in the PlayStation 5 Scene for those interested in a potential AMD SP (Secure Processor) Glitch for PS5 Fuses:
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  • / AMD-SP-Loader GIT - Binary Ninja (Binja) loader for AMD Secure Processor (SP) / Platform Security Processor (PSP) firmware binaries. It will try to load AGESA Bootloader (ABL) and Bootloader blobs and will setup the correct load addresses.
Put out a blog post on some reversing I've been doing on the side of the AMD Platform Security Processor / PSP. Part 1 is an overview of the design and memory-mapped I/O (MMIO), part 2 will be on the Crypto Co-Processor MMIO.
Published part 2 of the AMD PSP reversing stuff. This one focuses on the Crypto Co-Processor (CCP) and looking at the system for loading firmware and decrypting it.
Scratch that "locked/unreadable key slots" idea ;)
zen 1 and zen 2 bootroms. PS5 APU is a custom ZEN 2 ryzen chip. this is extremely important to reverse engineer and find ways to dump the PS5 bootrom
Leak News AMD PSP Bootroms and VMProtect Source
SpecterDev thoughts on the leaked AMD Secure Processor bootroms (for people who don't know what this is about: AMD Zen 2 bootrom has been leaked, the PS5 CPU is also based on Zen 2, reverse engineering the secure processor may lead to a full PS5 jailbreak)
I've just dumped AMD PSP ROM from 4800s Desktop Kit which shares the same APU as used in Xbox Series X (Arden, Sparkman). Now it's a time to explore. :)
There was some pain to exploit it. I've got PSP code execution a week ago but then got stuck because UART interface was inactive. I've guessed that it's some problem with the PSP bootloader that doesn't configure SuperIO chip properly and looks like I was correct.
On 4800s the Nuvoton chip marked 5565D-M was used as multi-controller. Unfortunately, there is no datasheet for it and its pinout very differs from all public datasheets of similar chips that I can find.
Fortunately, after looking into a lot of pictures on the Internet I was able to find some PC motherboard from MSI that used the same SuperIO chip, and I've found boardview, that's how I've figured out all pins of it. But I still needed datasheet to figure out UART problem.
After a week of guessing, bruteforcing, reflashing BIOS (where I put my PSP payload) and observing LPC bus using Logic Analyzer, I was able to find a combination of register/bits that needed to be toggled to activate UART.
Finally, I have proper read/write/call primitives running via UART server from my PSP payload that works in SVC mode.
Unfortunately I have a little knowledge on boot chain and security parts of Xbox One, so cannot say. I've worked on its userland/kernel parts only.
Spine PS4 Emulator PlayStation 4 Emulator for Linux Updated by SpineDev.jpg


PS4 running Linux to run PS4 emulator which runs Linux to run PS4 emulator... when does it end!?

Great work and hopefully opens up debug opportunities.
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