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PSXHAX Recommends Two-Step Verification to Keep Accounts Secure
One of the countless handy features of Xenforo is the ability to better-secure your account with what's known as Two-Step Verification. After logging in to PSXHAX, you can visit your account's...
PSXHAX Gets Shoutbox for PSXHACKS Chats with Other Members!
Keeping focused on our PSXHAX To-Do / Feature Request List we have now added a Shoutbox which appears above the Forums as well as on it's own page (linked previously) or in a Popup Window if you...
PSXHAX Login Options Now Include Facebook, Twitter and Google!
Following our implementation of Disqus as an alternative option for commenting here at PSXHACKS, we also knocked another item off the PSXHAX To-Do List adding login integration for Facebook...
Mentions, Alerts and Following PSXHAX Members on PSXHACKS
That's it for the moment folks, and have a HAXtacular day! ;)
PSXHAX Gets Disqus Commenting Integration
Knocked another small item off the ongoing To-Do List today and enabled Disqus commenting integration for all articles / threads here on PSXHAX.COM. You can comment using Disqus on them as long...
Infinite Scrolling and Go to Top PSXHAX Features Detailed
As mentioned previously we'll be covering many of the new features in coming weeks here at PSXHAX so that everyone will be in the loop as to what's available and how to use them all. Infinite...
Happy Halloween 2015 to Everyone at PSXHACKS from PSXHAX!
Title says it best... Happy Halloween 2015 people!!! Have fun trick or treating tonight, and don't forget to find a sincere pumpkin patch to wait for the Great Pumpkin! :p
PSXHAX aka PSXHACKS Development Coming Along, General Updates
So it's been a few weeks and both myself and @AdvMerlin have been testing some backend code and functionality around the site... definitely not perfect yet but coming along at a decent pace...
October 21, 2015 - Back to the Future Day is Officially Upon Us!
With Back to the Future Day, October 21, 2015 officially upon us, the future is now the past! :eek: Great Scott Marty!
Lumen - Eternal Flashlight That Doesn't Need Batteries
This is pretty cool, saw it on YouTube today... Touch Lumen by Rost and the heat of your body will be converted to light! Essentially it's an everlasting light source that is always with you. :)...