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Proceeding the Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Tool, Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Tool, Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Save Editor (aka KH3SaveEditor) and PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.1 update awhile back @iddaemon made available a Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Tool that supports static and skeletal models, maps and textures can be extracted with umodel. 🎨🖌

Download: kh3.rar (15.2 KB - kh3.exe) / OpenKh Project (Sony Server KH3 PKG Links)

To quote from daemon1 on the original release: Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4)

Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4) tool. Supports static & skeletal models, maps. Textures can be extracted with umodel.

➡ Fast forward to yesterday, and @Xeeynamo shared on Twitter the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind PKG decryption key for game modders... noting the PKG's are available directly from Sony's Server Links, the passcode works for both retail and updates (US and EU, JP not working and HK is untested working) and can decrypt Re:Mind DLC data too! 😍

Spoiler: Passcode

🤓 Also of note for those curious about PS4 CFW, in the Tweets below PS4 scene dev @zecoxao inquires about locating the UE4 paks index key and mentions finding the delimiter for uareq1 and uareq2 in EMC firmware... stating, "EMC will be more fun when it's public" and when asked what that can do he replied, "CFW for PS4." :fire:

🙏 Here's to hoping for some exciting developments in the PS4 scene in coming months, as later this year the focus for many will be on PlayStation 5 News and kicking off the PS5 hacking scene... according to dolly_silent via MysticDistance the PS5 will most likely have a v1.01 day one patch, so be sure to remain on v1.00 when the first PS5 jailbreak exploit drops like it did for PS4 v1.76! 🔥

:idea: Below are the related Tweets, and via jiangwei on Twitter comes The Grand Tour Game (CUSA13868) PKG decryption key from a recent source code leak on Github! 🤩

Spoiler: Passcode

Spoiler: Related Tweets
Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Maps, Models and Textures Tool by ID-Daemon.png

Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Maps, Models and Textures Tool by ID-Daemon 2.png

Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Maps, Models and Textures Tool by ID-Daemon 3.png


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