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It's been quite awhile since the last round of PS3 and PS4 Software Development Kit leaks from @KromeMods back in July 2017, but according to rumors via D3fau4 (aka @Defaud) and zavtracast on Twitter a new batch purportedly surfaced including PS4 and PS5 DevKits as a result of a CD Projekt Red (Cyberpunk 2077) leak. šŸ”„

According to the note pictured below, archive passwords were dropped onto an anonymous .onion site accessible via Tor, however, it also states the archives for PS4, PS5, Switch and Xbox have no password which is welcomed by those in the PS4Scene and PS5Scene. :sneaky:

Based on the images below, the following PS4 DevKits (ps4.7z - 107 GB / 99.53 GB) and PS5 DevKits (ps5.7z - 41 GB / 38.19 GB) codenamed Prospero are included in the alleged leak with Complete File Lists available thanks to @Defaud:

Up to now we haven't seen any public PS5 DevKit leaks, and the previous PS4 DevKit leak was version 4.50... so quite dated considering Sony is currently on PS4 Firmware 8.50.

:idea: One application many in the PlayStation 4 Scene are eagerly awaiting is an updated Fake PKG Generator for PS4 Version 3.70 (Build 3.70.7110.1152) to generate FPKGs that never got released due to LM-based drama over DMs, although with today's leak hopefully a newer revision will eventually surface to replace the antiquated Fake PKG Generator v3.38. :ninja: PS4_Fake_PKG_Tools_v3.87.rar (3.35 MB)

:alert: As always, if you have around 148 GB of storage to spare and manage to grab the ps4.7z (107 GB) and ps5.7z (41 GB) archives do NOT share them on the public forums (this will result in a permanent ban), instead join everyone in private by following THIS GUIDE to become Verified via the 'floating' Discord Channel and get your Blue Verified Badge... or simply torrent them to share the love! :lovewins:
M.E.M.E looks like PS4 devkit CP firmware is based on linux ... PS5 devkit CP firmware is based on * ThreadX ARM9/RVDS Version G5.1.5.1 Copyright (c) 1996-2008 Express Logic Inc. :)
PS5 debug packages now have 3 sections on them:
  • FIH part -> the actual content in itself
  • SC part -> the metadata of the package (inside a package lol)
  • SI part -> the metadata of the metadata of the package (inside a zip ROFL)
it seems that the leaked ps5 ***s contain some special pups called CROSSGEN for devkit and testkit units. these can be installed on ps4 kits, both the devkit as the testkit variant.
PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) DevKit Leak Rumors Surface!.png

PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) DevKit Leak Rumors Surface!.jpg



I am pretty new to the PS4 community as I recently obtained a console for cheap (locked onto 8.50 FW) but, from what I understand (from the technical side of things) if you use a certain version of Software Development Kit, it will correspond and work only on correlated Firmware, right?

I mean, for example, leaked PS4 version 7.508.021 will bring improvements so that new homebrew software will work with all additions made up to that point on a 7.55 FW and, we will have to wait on an exploit for 8.05 to use improvements that come with v8.008.051.

Right? Or am I just spewing nonsense...


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It is technically valid across multiple firmware as Sony won't change much from 1.00 - end of life. It won't change much because that would hurt developers.

However, new features are usually locked to firmware in exactly the way you describe. Some is "firmware free" and offered on the user's side with a firmware update (think Boost Mode, etc). It's basically capable in all consoles and Sony activates it or "makes it so" via firmware.

New Software Development Kit features are purely at the developer side so they are locked to the version that made it and above ("it" being the software, be it a game or app). Yet, that fact means the gamer won't notice anything or realize what was or wasn't there. This is literally just Sony's development software.

So think of the system firmware/updates you download to your console very differently as they aren't the same, despite similarities in number and such. They're obviously connected but only at the very base level, the developer level. The old (4.50) Software Development Kit would have technically been fine to use forever since changes the gamer will see are almost entirely set, changed and/or implemented in system firmware. Only developers will use anything in a new one... but those fruits then trickle down to better tools for end users.

So, it's awesome to have! Definitely. It just won't alter much in the way of general use.

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