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Following the previous PS3 DTU / Backup Injection / CFW to OFW Methods, the recent PS3Xploit Tools v2.0 release by @esc0rtd3w and his latest file updates, today @ErikPshat let us know on Twitter that as a result you can now run any PS3 games on 4.81 and 4.82 OFW without the need of a second PS3 on CFW using a new method of injecting through backups any games with LIC.EDAT on OFW 4.81 / 4.82 (Step 3)! :ninja:

To quote from the latest update on, roughly translated: Running backup games on the PS3 OFW without any ODE and IDPS
  • Step 1. Convert the game
  • Step 2. We make an injection into the backup
  • Step 3. We use the exploit to upload the license file LIC.EDAT
The first two steps are covered already in numerous places through our forum including HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE so we'll focus on Step 3 below, once again roughly translated: Step 3. We use the exploit to upload the license file LIC.EDAT

Special requirements:
New method of injecting through BACKUP any games with LIC.EDAT on OFW 4.81 / 4.82 (step 3) by slai7 (Apostol)

Thanks to Jason Borowski for * FIXED TUTORIAL FILES FOR 4.81 / 4.82 CEX * ROP Chain !!!


1. Download the game from this topic, or convert by the method from step 1.

2. Copy the root of the flash drive LIC.EDAT from the prepared game (folder LICDAT)

3. Inject to backup using the method from step 2.

4. Configure the connection between the PS3 and the PC (DNS on ps3 should be the ip of the computer if the connection is direct, or in the same network if via a router).
  • Wired.
  • Wireless.
  • Manual setting. Look only at the connection types, the rest is not yet for you.
5. Download exploit (miniWeb already included in the archive)

6. Unzip the archive (exploit) and run the HTTP server miniweb.exe

A command window opens, remember the third line of the Host: 192.168.X.XXX:8000
MiniWeb (build 300, built on Feb 28 2013)
        ">(C) 2005-2013 Written by Stanley Huang <[email protected]>
8. Open the browser on PS3 and write in the address bar Host (local IP address: port), obtained in the previous step, do not forget to specify the port after the IP address (for example

9. The exploit page opens. Clean the PS3 browser (history, cookies and the rest). Make the home page of the home page, close the page and re-open it.

10. Insert the USB flash drive into the drive near the drive to the drive port.

11. If you need to change the memory type (NOR / eMMC) depending on the PS3 model (default NOR)

12. Select ROP Chains: Read / Write File test from the menu.

13. In destination, change to TitleID from your game, ie /dev_hdd0/game/TitleID/LICDIR/LIC.EDAT (where TitleID is the name of the game's boot folder, for example NPEB12345, it contains PARAM.SFO with the active Bootable parameter)

14. Click on the Initialize ROP Chain and see the text below under the buttons, if prompted to exit the browser, exit and retry the actions in the browser.

15. When everything is done correctly, you will have an Execute Chain button available, click on it.

16. Close the browser on the PS3.

17. Start the game.

:arrow: Some slightly updated English instructions are also available HERE from @in1975 for those interested with the following file update:
Download: (2.57 MB)

:note: Tutorial: Inject PS3 Backup and Transfer LIC.EDAT Using PS3Xploit by redlofredlof

Additional recommendations on the topic:
  • Table Google - List of tested and working games, as well as notes to them
  • Table Google - List of games with notes about the presence or absence of LICDIR and UPDATE patches (source)
  • If everything seems to be done right, but when you start the black screen
  • We transfer images of games from the Computer to PS3 (CFW) using Open PS3 FTP Server
  • You can independently prepare the game according to the instructions above, downloading its image from the corresponding topic. Games that have an update-patch have in the title such an icon and tag [vX.YZ]
  • If you / friends / relatives do not have CFW, you can use the services of recording games.
PS3 Backup Injection for Games with LIC.EDAT on OFW 4.81 4.82.jpg


The instruction is slightly corrected for English-speaking users. More here, with a few more links in English at the top for step 1 and step 2.

Supports 4.50+ Firmware

Instruction for English-speaking users:


  1. You can download a ready-made game from this topic or convert your own by the method from Step 1.
  2. It is assumed that you have already injected game into backup using the method from Step 2 and restored game on the console.
  3. That is, you have already passed both previous steps and are ready to proceed to this step 3...
Copy the license file LIC.EDAT to PS3 through a web-based exploit:
  1. From the LICDIR game folder, copy the license file LIC.EDAT to the root of the FAT32 flash drive.
  2. Configure the connection to the PS3 from the PC (the DNS on the PS3 should be both the IP of the computer).
  3. Download and unzip the archive: (special modification for this topic)
  4. Launch the miniweb.exe HTTP server
  5. A similar console window will open and in the third line the mini-server will give you an IP-address:port in this form:
    MiniWeb (build 300, built on Feb 28 2013)
    (C)2005-2013 Written by Stanley Huang <[email protected]>
    Web root: C:\Users\YourName\Desktop\ps3xploit\htdocs
    Max clients (per IP): 32 (16)
    URL handlers: 2
    Dir listing enabled
  6. Open the PS3 browser and enter the host (IP-address:port) that was obtained in the previous step (for example, Word Host: do not write!
  7. The exploit page opens. Clean the PS3 browser (cache, history, cookies). Make the explout page as Home Page, close brouser and re-open it.
  8. Insert the USB flash drive into the right port.
  9. Tick on your memory type: NOR/NAND/eMMC.
  10. Now that we choose the ROP Chains: -> Read/Write File Test, at the bottom, the path is replaced by:
    • Source: /dev_usb000/LIC.EDAT
    • Destination: /dev_hdd0/game/TitleID/LICDIR/LIC.EDAT
  11. Change the path instead of the word TitleID -> the current TitleID of your game bootable folder, for example NPEB12345.
  12. Look at the size LIC.EDAT in hexadecimal and insert the new size into the File Size field and be sure to click Set New Size, even if the size did not change.
  13. Click on Initialize ROP Chain, you will have an Execute Chain button, click on it.
  14. Done! Launch the Game.
I added a link to your post with the slightly updated instructions in the OP now also. (y)

:arrow: Update: I also added your step 1 and step 2 links above now.
How do you put the game backup back on ps3?

All I'm seeing is "step 2" but it's taking me back to the same instructions.

What's the file structure on usb for game.
@jbuck1975 you have to convert a game with a program like KDW CFW2OFW, then inject the converted game into your own backup from the PS3 with TrueAncestor Backup Retailer and restore your backup to your PS3, with the xploit you can put the LIC.EDAT from the LICDIR of your game on the HDD from your PS3 cause SONY has patched the restoring of EDAT files since OFW 4.70, so now all games are running which are running under OFW 4.70 on 4.81 and 4.82
I took me about 1 Hour injecting the game on backup plus restoring the backup and more than 3-5 min to inject the lic.edat file on ps3 with some help

ps you need a fat32 external drive to make it work otherwise it wont work on NTFS

@jbuck1975 you can download converted games at the forum link in Step 1 of the OP.
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