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Following his previous PS4 Game Backup on DevKit PoC, P.T. (Playable Teaser) on PS4 Retail Demo and PS4 Top Secret Method for Games announcement from @zecoxao, today he shared on Twitter the PS4 6.20 method to add and activate PSN accounts with games on the PlayStation 4 via Jose Coixao! :fire::ninja::fire:

While various PSN Account Sharing / PS4 Game Sharing Methods and the related PS4 Mod-Chips have been around for years, according to the YouTube video details this release method's credit goes to @rmorteza21 (aka @rmorteza21p) with special thanks to the king of kondeh. :ninja:

:alert: Note: For those on lower PS4 Firmware it's recommended NOT to update your PS4 console for this method, as $ony is likely to patch it very soon and then you'll be stuck with a PlayStation 4 console that can't run backup games, emulators, exploits and homebrew with no way of downgrading the PS4 once the 'temporary' method is patched.

:arrow: Update: The method is now confirmed to be patched as expected! :slap:

Check out the PS4 6.20 method demo video below, and here are the tutorial steps from the description guide as follows to quote:
  • Add your account with games to PS4 and activated
  • After changing your user for see all games is unlocked
  • After going to account with games and wait in deactivate menu
  • Remove LAN
  • And deactivate account
  • Show error DNS
  • After log out of account
  • All games is locked
  • Going to account with games and wait in deactivate menu
  • Connect LAN cable
  • Led blanking press click for deactivate
  • After removing LAN
  • See your games
  • Not locked and server is free
  • Done
  • If games locked repeat again
Release Method by rmorteza21
Special thanks (the king of kondeh)
Game Sharing Method Xbox One via rmorteza21p
Method better explained
  • Check other video for tutorial
  • Activate your account
  • Log out
  • Go to Deactivate menu connect lan and when modem led blinking deactivate account
  • Important step is in deactivate menu when console connected to internet click for deactivate (in second)
PS4 6.20 Method Activate PSN Accounts with Games via Jose Coixao!.jpg


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I dont play many ps4 games but i have to say that red dead 2 has me hooked.
It is a very good game with decent interaction within the storyline and the gold bar glitch makes it better because you can "suit up".


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Meh i was expecting something like this. Good share but it doesnt appeal to me. I have these games bought waiting for the firmware kxploit to enable. Im old and patience isnt a issue.... but i can see how the young newbs could tear this apart lol like who knows someone whos got a psn act with so many games.... this is just gonna allow gamesharing selling accounts...

but im sure by new years something juicy will be unleashed... once ps5 is within grasp the flood gates will open with releases... sad but oh well im glad to jump on 5.05 after dumbass roomie updated console... lol i swear not even i piece of paper taped to console saying DONT UPDATE


That’s right. First and foremost, PS4 is a GAMING console so naturally most users want to get the most out of it in this aspect.

The issue about homebrew is really blurry. How can devs have an issue about user’s lack of interest with homebrew when development is so scarce? And to hold off on this method’s release is just illogical.

It’s not like there was progress or anything preventing this dev to release it. He/she was just building hype plain and simple. The moment he/she mentioned it needed online access, that’s when everything started to fall apart and users lost interest. 15 minutes of fame is gone now, might as well release it lol.

I just wish devs wouldn’t overhype their stuff. That’s when whiners are born.


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The whiners are born when they buy a ps4 to get games for free and then update it because the scene is not moving fast enough for them. :whistle:

When you think about it there is no logical reason for anyone with a kexploit to release it because what do they get out of it in the end?

I personally think that anyone that complains about the "devs" not releasing any thing should go and learn how to hack the ps4 themselves and after spending countless hours to find an exploit they can ask themselves what will they get out of releasing it and will releasing it burn that exploit for the next firmware update.

You would be crazy to release an exploit that keeps working on the newest firmwares o_O
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