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For quite some time PlayStation 4 scene developers have been researching and testing code to control the PS4 fan speed in order to adjust the console's temperature, and following the PS4 Homebrew PKG Store developer @Joaquin Salih (aka toxxic407) made available a collection of payloads via Twitter used to control the PS4 fan speed on Github.

Download: / GIT

Recently PlayStation 4 Fan Control code from ethylamine's repository based on Zer0xFF's findings was forked by kozarovv for a 4.74 port and added to JgDuff's PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.6 updates as well. (y)

Below are some additional details from the PS4 Fan Control Payloads

Collection of Payloads used to control the fan of PS4's on version 5.05. All Credit goes to ethylamine, Zer0xFF (Twitter), theorywrong (Twitter), xvortex (Twitter) and zecoxao (Twitter). The name is equal to the Temperature threshold in degrees.

:alert: Most of the Payloads are not tested! I do not take any responsibility and I am not liable for any damage done to your PS4!
PS4 Fan Control with X-Project + New PS4 Homebrew File Manager
PS4 Fan Control Payloads to Adjust PS4 Fan Speed and Temperature.jpg



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could prob do it yourself to be honest i done something similar with my phat ps3 back in the day with a 12v fan mod it wouldnt be hard to do honestly

glad my v1 ps4 has no fan issues and stays quiet


Something wrong with this bzImage file, Linux can't start...

and why this bzImage in a .ZIP ?? I can't unpack.... I got error message.


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@Leeful Thanks tested and working.

@mohammadfadel It is safer to use the payloads from this news thread as long as the temperature threshold .bin payload is used correctly. I wouldn't set above the Sony default temp of 79c or below 60c. Me personally i'll probably use 65c on my pro.

My previous statement was incorrect about running your payloads would actually be less safer as this topics payloads. With your fan speed payloads if the fans speed is set too low the PS4 will merely shut down once it reaches the overheat temperature. However on the other hand with this threads payloads setting them too high could damage the hardware or cause a premature WLOD/BLOD.

Though I would still recommend using this threads payloads over yours and not set the temp threshold above 78c or below 60c.


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@bonusb4ll got a PS4 Slim and a Pro that simply refuse to run psxitarch v2 linux they just stay on a no signal or black screen after running the payload.

Tried setting display to 1080p, multiple USB 3 sticks and hdds on all of the ports with no change. Not something I'm doing wrong as I have got another pro that runs it fine.
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