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Following the PlayStation 4 Linux Scripts, previous PS4 Gentoo Linux Dev Updates and PS4 Linux Loader Baikal Chip Support today developer @iguy0 let us know he migrated Valeery's Baikal Chip kernel patches to the new Gentoo 5.3.7 kernel by PS4Gentoo! 🐧

Download: (10.4 MB - Compiled) / / GIT

And from the PS4 Linux

PS4-sources 5.3.7 + Baikal patches (should work for most PS4 versions)

In short this is the combination of and

It works phenomenally well on my PS4. I use PSXITA v2 with this kernel. Unfortunately I haven't tested on other versions since I only own a 2115b, but as far as i could tell from the patches it should work on ALL* versions now.

You are more than welcome to confirm this by creating an issue with the model and behavior.

  • = untested
Download: PS4 Gentoo Theme.rar (14.6 MB)
Download: bzImage (5.9 MB - new kernel for the updated archlinux drivers)
Download: bzImage (5.6 MB - kernel linux 4.14.93 for PS4 with Baikal Southbridge and edited rev ID)
PS4 Gentoo Kernel Sources 5.3.7 with Baikal Chip Patches via Iguy0.jpg
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Hi there. I own a ps4 pro console and found accidentally a solution for the black screen after booting the kernel. I use the initramfs and bzimage with psxitarch image file.

I start with the linux payload from psxitarch and after normal booting (after the text message welcome to arch linux) my screen goes total black. No combination with the keys ctrl f5 or ctrl f1 works.

At this moment i plug out the hdmi cable and then plug it in at the same input. Then with the combination of ctrl f5 and ctrl f1 I finally see the linux desktop.
:idea: Reminder: Those without a Verified Badge yet on Discord to access the private areas we recommend Joining Us! Why? The waiting process takes a week for new Members, and there's a lot we're unable to share on public forums including the latest PS4 PKG Games. 🏴‍☠️


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@seanp2500 It could be that you are not only using a usb 2.0 but your probably using a normal 16G flash drive. My advice is to get a HDD or something that has high rpms.

Also some space if you want to do anything besides watching things on it. Format it to NFTS and use rufus. Launch the payload and it should load and start up by itself, if for some reason it doesnt start by itself put this command "resume-boot". It should start up.

Another thing that could have a problem is the model of your ps4. Some work and some don't. I can't tell you which models work or not. You will need to figure that out yourself.


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@mrtwinky yeah post is mad old. You were wrong about the usb thing. You were right about rufus. Wrong about nfts whatever that is lol. I know what you meant by the way.

Rufus does a reformat before burning the image anywho. What the problem had to do with was payload actually. Using a usb 2.0 flash drive actually works amazingly well for my purpose which was linmugen. The real problem became no sounds in linmugen. Sad face.

I guess this image does not support oss. Any ideas? As for why I could not boot I needed the right payload actually. Funny what the answers turn out to be right?


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@seanp2500 To be honest I dont have a clue. Lol yeah. Also have you tried using the psxitarch payloads to make it work? I tried using all 3 payloads and all i get is black screen (I use the gentoo payload but that takes way to long compared to psxitarch)

Ahmed Jamal

@MODDEDWARFARE bro mirchoo updated gentoo drivers on repo kindly tell us how can we update mesa and lib drm through that files i readed the files. it contain mesa 20!!!!

plz upload a video or tell me in comment. waiting for your reply


I have successfully boot into the gentoo linux. but my wifi and bluetooth adapter are not working. I'm using psCUH-1206A 4 fat btw.
any idea how to fix the Bluetooth and the wifi adapter?


Hi Guys, getting there almost. I have a Pro 7116b , I can now get to a rescue shell, but see this "Mounting /newroot The "root" variable is empty, set to false or zero but shouldnt be"

I go ahead and type "mount" doesnt look like any errors then run the exec

Trying to find the right USB error, I have tried the USB in all 3 USB ports on my Pro. Any help appreciated.

@ordenador71 ,
What steps did you use to get yours working.


according to this I installed on my ps4 and it works but I had problems by updating the linux system and mesa drivers

on my PS4 console I have Linux mint 19.3 installed and I had no problems updating the system, but there was a problem with the cursor, there was no visible configuration file, and its modification fixed the problem with the cursor


Today, I managed to get linux installed and running on my 7116B Pro. Been using Linux for years in a previous job, so I know a bit of how it works and most of the commands.

When I run, I still got errors. Is I run, ls -al to show the list of files and find not in the directory.
I know most executables are in /bin folder, so I cd /bin , then ls -al again. I see the shell script and run again, using:
This time it installed, yippee. Still in /bin folder, I run the, and viola I have Arch Linux running of PS4 7116B.

First Observation is that the wifi works, but Ethernet does not. Ok no probs.

Note 1: I have tried this for a month at least, and now it is running, open a terminal , to check things, Run "uname -a" it shows a gentoo kernel not arch Linux as I thought it would be.

Note 2. After shutting down , and return to PS4 , then try Linux again, Nada. No matter which options, so far this is hit and miss, more miss than hit.

Will keep on plugging on

Thanks everyone

Update: you need the correct combination of files Period. (make multiple backups when you get the correct ones) I now have (on separate drives) Gentoo, Fedora 31, Linux mint and psxitarch working all on my Pro 711b.

Only One issue i found , no Ethernet , only wifi, buy hey that minor now, Thanks for all the great work.

If anyone can help me get the Ethernet working , that would be great.
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