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Since their previous revision and the 8.00 PS4 Beta, today Sony pushed live the latest 'system performance' update in PS4 System Software / Firmware 7.55 which many suspect fixes one of the recently reported vulnerabilities in the PlayStation Bug Bounty Program. :geek:

If this is the case, here's to hoping whoever cashed in on it will follow in the footsteps of theflow0 and after getting $ony's approval (disclosure log) publicly release the exploit that lead to the last PS4 Jailbreak so that scene developers can further examine the latest findings. <3

:alert: As always DON'T UPDATE if you wish to use PS4 game backups and homebrew apps whenever a new PS4 jailbreak exploit arrives, and we'll add any related Tweets below as PlayStation 4 scene developers have a chance to examine it.

Download: PS4 Firmware 7.55 Update (US) / PS4 Firmware 7.55 Update (EU) / PS4 Firmware 7.55 Update (UK) / PS4 Firmware 7.55 Update (AU/NZ) / PS4 Firmware 7.55 Update (JP)

Below is the official 7.55 PS4 Firmware Changelog from Sony's page:

About PlayStation 4 system software version 7.55

Main features in version 7.55 update

  • This system software update improves system performance.
:arrow: Here are some guides for those new on How to Block PS4 Firmware Updates, How to Delete Downloaded PS4 Update PUPs that haven't been installed yet, How to Update to a Specific PS4 Firmware and also some PS4 HEN Update Blocker Payloads.

 r158328/release_branches/release_07.550 Aug  5 2020 05:27:21
PS4 System Software Firmware 7.55 is Now Live, Don't Update!.jpg


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My console accidentally updated to 7.55. I disabled Update from Settings and via Jailbreak NoUpdate. I am sure I did.
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