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Following his Free PS4 SaveData Decrypting Tools release PlayStation 4 scene developer charlyzard announced on Twitter that he's added a PS4OfflineAccountActivator to his Github repository which allows users to export PS4 save data among other things to USB. 😍

Download: / GIT / PS4 Offline Account Activator (Compiled Edit via @MODDEDWARFARE) / ps4debug 1.5.bin via @Coco Jones

From the PS4OfflineAccountActivator

Activates PSN account on jailbroken PS4 allowing you to export save data to USB among other things. The offsets are for 5.05 fw version.

Requires ps4debug to compile.

Notes & Warnings

It's better to use this program on a new account. If you use it on an old account (with saves and trophies) you'll encounter these problems:
  1. You won't be able to use your old save files easily (the ones created before activation). They'll show as broken. Maybe you can recover them with Playstation-4-Save-Mounter.
  2. You'll have to delete your trophies (via FTP) because they will be signed with the unactivated account and all the games you try to launch will error out.
I repeat, I recommend to use a fresh console account for the activation, but do as you wish...

How to use

Change the source code to:
  1. Put your console IP address
  2. Put the user number of the account you want to activate (1 if you only have one account in the console)
  3. Put your psn account id (in the code you have two methods to find it)
  1. Launch ps4debug on your PS4
  2. Launch this program on your computer
  3. Power off your PS4
  4. Power on your PS4 and enjoy the export capabilities. 4.1. Of if you used an old account fix the problems in the Notes & Warnings section

Made by barthen (PS4 EBOOT / ELF FW Patcher Barthen Method / PS4 Keystone File Details on Dev Wiki by Barthen)

Thanks to jogolden for the great ps4debug and to all the PS4 scene for making this possible.

PSN Activate Offline Accounts on 5.05 + Copy Modded Saves to a 7.02 PS4 by MODDEDWARFARE
:arrow: Another backported PS4 FPKG game surfaced for those who own a Jailbroken PS4 Console or plan to locate one while waiting for a Future PS4 Jailbreak Exploit, so get your Verified Badge on Discord to access private or restricted areas! 🏴‍☠️
PS4OfflineAccountActivator to Export PS4 Save Data to USB by Charlyzard.jpg



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Is this, finally a way to transfer old saved games (505) to new console (also 505). i have pa4 fat 5.05, kids have many games saved. i buy ps4 pro 5.05.

my kids will be very happy.


Nope, this tool will not transfer old saves. Allegedly it will activate an account without connecting to PSN, the author in the readme clearly discourages to use it with an old account that already has trophies and saves.

Nonetheless it's quite useful as right now, with an exploitable console is not possible to activate an account, the only way is to scour the Interweb for an account's backup to install, meaning you would wipe the internal HD in the process...


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would be very interesting if this ever gets to the point/level of being able to convert previous saves (prior to establishing a psn link) and have them easily converted and backed up etc.


First of all thanks for this awesome app, but can you be more specific about changing the source code in the Program.cs and how to activate the PS4OfflineAccountActivator.csproj.


Coco Jones

you can get the accountID with and follow the steps you will need python.

Open the following URL in your Browser and log in.

After logging in, when the page shows "redirect", copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into the python script and follow the steps PS4OfflineAccountAcitivator
// Put your PSN account id here. Two different methods for obtaining your PSN account id:
// 1. It's string you see when exporting (from an activated PS4) save data in the usb folder but //byte reversed. Example: PS4\savedata\0102030405060708 (reversing it you get
// 0807060504030201)

// 2. On a computer delete your browser cache. Press Ctrl+Shift+I to open the developer tools. //    Browse the PSN store on your computer and log in to your account.
//    Some of the JSON files the browser downloads contain an "accountId" field. It's a decimal //    number. Just convert it to hex and reverse the bytes.
do not know if this site will work for you, and here to make it to hex and to reverse.

put the you PS4 IP in the Source and compile it have not tested it by my self but hope it will work for you guys
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