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Fernthedev recently shared a MultipleUserPS4RemotePlay Windows application with source code currently in development on Github written in C# that allows for switching PlayStation 4 Remote Play accounts between multiple users. 👤🌐👥

Download: PS4RemotePlayMultipleUser.exe (56 MB) / GIT

This is reminiscent of popular cloning apps such as Multi for those playing Android Games and switching between multiple user alt / farm accounts.

Previously we've seen several open source PS4 Remote Play clients in development alongside PS4REN (Guide), some PS4 Remote Play Protocol Reversing, the Chiaki Free and Open Source PS4 Remote Play Client, a free trial of REPL4Y for Android alongside a PSPlay Alpha testing version available through last November.

MultipleUserPS4RemotePlay App for Switching PS4 Remote Play Accounts.jpg


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