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Recently PS4Scene developer @KetaPan aka lKetaPanl made available a PS4 ESFM Decryption Tool via Github for use on PlayStation 4 extracted TROP.ESFM trophy files once ensuring the correct NP Communication ID format in TROPHY.TRP files. :geek:

Download: (12.2 MB - includes esfm_decryption.exe) / GIT / KetaPan's Discord Server 🗣️

From the PS4-ESFM-Decryption-Tool

With this tool you can decrypt .esfm files that you get, after extracting them from .trp files

Note: Check that you got the right format of the NP Communication ID, it should look like this for example: NPWR03361_00
🗒️ This PS4 ESFM Decryption Tool v1.0 release comes following several previous trophy-related articles, sorted by date with the oldest first:
PS4 ESFM Decryption Tool for Extracted TROP.ESFM Files by lKetaPanl.png