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Following his Making Mods with PS4 Cheater Tutorial, PlayStation 4 developer @MODDEDWARFARE announced via Twitter he's updated his YouTube Channel today with a guide on handling PS4 Fake PKG (FPKG) game updates containing a mismatched Title ID / Region Patch. :geek:

This comes proceeding How to Get / Merge PS4 Game PKG Updates, Adding PS4 Game Updates in Packages, a PS4 PKG Repackager for Fake Updates, Dumping PS4 DLC, Game Updates & Themes, How to Build PS4 Game & Separate Update FPKGs, Repacking PS4 Game Updates Manually by Hand and a PS4 Fake PKG Update Repackager Script for those who missed them.

Updating a Fake PKG Game with a Mismatched Title ID/Region Patch

How to update a game using a patch designed for a different Title ID or Region.
Summary of the steps in the video by Pacm9n:
  • Extract all the files / folders from the update into CUSAxxxxx-patch.
  • Copy the Sc0 contents to Image0/sce_sys. Delete the Sc0 folder, then move the contents of Image0 to CUSAxxxxx-patch. Delete the Image0 folder.
  • Replace the update's param.sfo with the one from the original game
  • Edit this param.sfo in the following way: Go down to around 300h, and change the version to the version of the update (ex: 01.00 to 01.22)
  • Change gd to gp
  • Save it (and also copy it to a safe place to use later after we generate the .gp4 file)
  • Change the CUSA ID in the nptitle.dat to that of the original game.
  • Create the project file (the .gp4) with gengp4.exe (click Generate .GP4)
  • Then, click the GP4 tab and change "pkg_ps4_app" to "pkg_ps4_patch" and "digital50" to "digital25"
  • Save the file (click Save .GP4)
  • Copy the saved param.sfo from earlier and overwrite the one in the patch folder (this is because gengp4 has changed the edited values back to the original ones)
  • Create a new update package with orbis-pub-gen.exe.
  • Click Command -> Project Setting -> Package: Make sure Storage Type says 25GB
  • Build the package in the usual way.
How to Install Older PS4 Game Updates on Any PS4 7.02/7.50
PS4 FPKG Game Updates with Mismatched Title ID  Region Patch Guide.jpg


Aladin Toel

Senior Member
after installed the update i got an error after launching tekken 7 ce-34878-0 anyone ca fix this please?


Staff Member
I knew i'd find out this was possible now. Back a year or so ago we were stuck with a few repacked updates here and there but this just made it VERY manageable. Question now is, where to find older patches? orbis and such usually have the most recent updates that usually require higher FW.

Also the question is raised... Would this process work for updating official discs with a manual patch offline?

I.E. if i want to update... KH3 to the highest patch possible while still staying under 6.20.


HI everyone
I have a question please, am trying to download an update for a fpkg the problem is am little confused. I found the same CUSA ver of the game but when I try to install the patch it gave me an error
and what about-(Delta Patch)- should I download it and merging both together?

I even tried patch repackager it gave me an error, where can I find fake patches?


sorry for my bad English


Staff Member
Senior Member
@Dragon1112 You can't use retail updates with a fake pkg you have to use a fake Update. If you have an Fpkg game and get an Fpkg Update from somewhere else more than likely you will have to rebuild the update to match the base game.


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Senior Member
Nah not going laugh I have gotten quite a few ps4 games over the past few weeks from buying and reselling PS4 consoles while trying to find another 5.05 console and thought maybe I might have the game and could dump the update for you but I don't have that game.

That game seems to be a rare one going for almost $200 on ebay with the lowest one I saw for like $50.
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