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Following the PS4 4.05 UART Enabler, his PS4 kernel dumping hardware project and the recent LibFTPS4 Fix PlayStation 4 developer @Mistawes shared FTPS4 on Twitter this weekend which currently offers root FTP with Debug Settings and UART output. :)

Download: / GIT / FTPS4.bin (1.0 MB - Compiled by @alaaltayeb) / FTPS4-455.bin (4.55 Port)

From the, to quote: FTPS4

FTP server for PS4 with root access, UART, full debug settings - credits: WildCard, Specter, IDC, Shadow, Xerpi.

In related news today BigBoss announced that the Hitodama *** WIP ELF are back on 4.05 with initial work done by Zer0xFF.

@Fimo points out from a recent PSXDev Github commit that a 4.05 ELF Loader is currently in the works from PS4Link with support being added proceeding the 4.05 Kernel Exploit release last month.

As a result, it likely won't be long before the PlayStation 4 scene sees some 1.76 ports and PS4 4.05 homebrew, with demo videos of a PS4 Homebrew Loader from last year alongside a Streamable video demonstration.

PS4 home brews to @Bassabov, @Fimo, @GritNGrind, @Kamikam, @MrCarlesX, @prreis, @raedoob and @SSShowmik for the news tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :beer:

FTPS4 Debug & UART Output by Mistawes, 4.05 Hitodama ELF Loader.jpg




I can't compile with the make include in PS4 ***.

I am on linux, llvm is installed, bininutils, and clang 3.7.

What is missing in my config ? :)
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