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Proceeding their Internal PS4 HDD Linux Installation video, the IT Mania YouTube Channel folks recently released some noteworthy ITMania Linux Updates for PS4 including the latest emulators, Vulkan drivers and Kodi / Steam support among others for both retrogaming and running newer games such as Doom Eternal, MK11: Aftermath and Batman: Arkham Origins. šŸ§

Like Fedora PS4 Linux, PS4 Manjaro Linux, Gentoo PS4 Linux with the Baikal Chip Patches and PSXITArch Linux via PSXITA the installation process for IT Mania's Linux Distribution for PS4 is similar with a brief outline from @FalconX below:
  • Format stick to Fat32
  • Copy img (for example, the latest release with Manjaro) to the stick
  • Rename the Manjaro image to psxitarch.tar.xz
  • Copy 2 kernel files from PSXITArch (or link below)
  • On PS4 go to PSXITArch website and run the payload
  • PS4 reboots
  • Enter ""
  • When it's finished "exec"
From the video's description, roughly translated: Release- Manjaro 20.0.2 (Lysia). PS4Linux. Run Doom Eternal. MK11: Aftermath. Batman: Arkham Origins

My release is Manjaro 20.0.2 (Lysia) on the PlayStation 4. It's also Catjaro PS4Linux. The latest mesa-git (20.2.0), libdrm-git (2.4.102) at the time of release.

What is included:
  • PCSX-Reloaded - PS One Emulator
  • PCSX2 - PS2 emulator (ver. 1.6.0)
  • PCSX3 - PS3 emulator with Vulkan (the latest at the time of release)
  • PPSSPP - PSP emulator
  • RetroArch - ver. 1.8.8 (the latest at the time of release)
  • Dolphin Emu - Wii and Gameube emulator (ver. 5.0 with vulkan support)
  • Wine-Staging 5.9 with DXVK 1.7 and add. libraries including mfplat. To use DXVK 1.7, you need a kernel 4.20 or higher. If you are using the 4.14.93 kernel, then roll back to version 1.5.3
  • Also Kodi, Lutris, Chromium ..
To start Doom Eternal, you need to start the kernel 4.20 or higher, enable SWAP, run payload 3Gb and use Proton 5.0.7 in the Downloads folder.

We connect SWAP:
$ sudo fallocate -l 2G / swapfile
$ sudo chmod 600 / swapfile
$ sudo mkswap / swapfile
$ sudo swapon / swapfile
To activate ESYNC, type in the terminal:
$ export WINEESYNC = 1
Doom Eternal does not start with ACO, so we use LLVM.. To display the FPS counter and other things, you can use MANGOHUD or in the game itself in the settings.. Command to run:
$ RADV_PERFTEST = llvm MANGOHUD = 1 /home/itmania/Downloads/wine-5.0-7-proton-amd64/bin/wine DOOMEternalx64vk.exe
If itā€™s not clear, watch this video:

Catjaro PS4Linux. Manjaro 20.0.2 (Lysia):
Installation is similar to psxitarch. Remember to rename the archive to psxitarch.tar.xz

Login: itmania
Password: ITmania


1) Why didn't you immediately make XFCE and recommend installing it yourself?

Bare from XFCE turnip after installation consumes about 350-400Mb of RAM, while Manjaro XFCE about 800Mb due to beauty and additional programs.

2) How to update the system?
sudo pacman -Syu
3) Why Manjaro, but what about Fedora?

On arch it was easier to experiment with drivers, I still consider Fedora the best Linux distribution and in the future there will be a Fedora 32 release.

4) Why doesn't my game start in Lutris and the video card is not found?

Because you are using the old 4.14 kernel with dxvk above 1.5.3

5) How to install another working environment?
6) Where to download the kernel 5.3.18-ITmania?
It seems to have written everything.. :tup:

Release- Manjaro 20.0.2 (Lysia). PS4Linux. Run Doom Eternal. MK11: Aftermath. Batman: Arkham Origins
How to Install ITmania Catjaro Linux
Cheers to @FalconX for the news tip and additional details via E-Mail earlier on! :beer:
Latest ITMania PS4 Linux Distribution Updates for PlayStation 4.jpg



adding swap:
sudo fallocate -l 2G / swapfile
anyone else getting errors, remove the space between / and swapfile.
like : sudo fallocate -l 2G /swapfile
in all the lines shown.
Confirmed it works now

type : swapon -s

Daniele Cesari

Hi everyone, sorry I am a total noob about installing Linux.. a kind soul could write a step by step instructions to install this distro please? I have a slim on 5.05. thanks to everyone. Hail from Rome!


Hey everyone my control key doesnt seem to be working in the linux terminal so I cant save the change language has anyone got an idea on ho to fix?

Is there any way of setting up auto login on this so I dont need to type the password in each time?


Hi everybody

I'm trying to install Catjaro PS4Linux. Manjaro 20.0.2 (Lysia) on a ps4 pro cuh-7215b fw 6.72 + alzif dns or leeful v5. my problem I can't find a working kernel.

I tried with the Kernel 5.3.7 Gentoo gc41cdf12d-dirty is the console does not display any tv souce and the led of the console remains white

With the kernel 5.3.7 + baykal the console boot but it displays the error no such file or directory, with the original kernel the console does not display any source.

can you help me?


You need to download kernel 5.3.18-ITmania and replace the old one gentoo dirty kernel

Someone can help me to paired bluetooth control PS4 just connect one second and then disconnect
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