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In PS5 Scene news, recently machonachomedia on Twitter shared some exclusive PlayStation 5 Dev Kit images via alongside a PS5 DevKit overview video from his Macho Nacho Productions YouTube Channel available below. 🤩
While it won't run retail PS5 Game Dumps, for those just joining us this 'eye candy' extravaganza comes proceeding several related PlayStation 5 articles (sorted by date with the oldest first):

PS5 Dev Kit | Sony Might Be Mad

This is a Sony PlayStation 5 Development Kit. It is quite possibly one of the most elusive dev kits out there since no one, other than Game Studios, have been able to get their hands on one. That is until now! Check out my full video which will be released tomorrow!

Sony Is Going To Hate Me - PlayStation 5 Dev Kit

In today’s episode, I’ll be taking the FIRST up close look at Sony’s PlayStation 5 Dev Kit! Until now, we’ve only seen pictures, but that’s about to change. There is definitely a lot of mystery that surround the PS5 DevKit, so let’s shed some light on the device and see what secrets it holds!

Sony Is Going To Hate Me - PlayStation 5 Dev Kit (Macho Nacho Reupload)
PS5 Dev Kit Photos & PlayStation 5 DevKit Video by Macho Nacho.png


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