First PS4 Pro Box Images Surface, Consoles Shipping to Retailers
Remember November 10th is the magic date for the PlayStation 4 Pro 4K console release, and today Perrilloux shared the first PS4 Pro retail box images reportedly from a Walmart store! :eek: To...
PS4 GTA V Modded with Native Code via 1.76 Playground Demo Rumor?
A few weeks back we posted on the GTA 5 Redux Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) Mod for PC gamers, and recently ChoicesZ Bad (aka @BadChoicesZ) with the help of @kurt2467 (aka DexmodderFTW) shared a demo...
PS4 Game Backup Runs on PlayStation 4 DevKit PoC by Jose Coixao!
Lately there's been a lot of news on the PS4 TestKit, and for those keeping track the PS3 Debug / Reference Tool and PS Vita DevKit could play copies and now José Coixão shared a video demo of a...
Kaslr 3.55, 4.00 & 4.01 by 5lipper in Fail0verflow PS4 Kexec GIT
Following the Chaitin Tech PS4 ROP Tool, 5lipper recently added PlayStation 4 Kaslr (Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization) 3.55, 4.00 and 4.01 Firmware support in fail0verflow's PS4 Kexec...
PS4 4.01 Webkit DoS Exploit (Crashes Full System Sometimes)
So, I found a vulnerability (Original found by Dr_IDE) that seems to work on PS4, I modified the HTML code a little, just to make it say Webkit crash at the top and to add a "start exploit"...
Grabbing PSNS Product Codes and How to Guide
Well after news that SilicaAndPina claims to have a PS4 Browser Crash for the latest PlayStation 4 Firmware (AKA Don't Crash) from the Source Code it appears to use the PSNS: code which...​
Decrypting and Dumping PlayStation 4 UserModules Guide by Zecoxao
PlayStation 4 developer zecoxao shared a guide today on how to decrypt and dump PS4 usermodules with help from skeu. :thumbup: To recap for those new, the first decrypted PlayStation 4 game was...
SilicaAndPina PS4 Web Browser Crash Webpage Demo
Following the PS4 JailBreak ROP Tool release yesterday and many PS4 WebKit Crash videos, today PlayStation 4 developer @SilicaAndPina ran across another which she linked on her page as...
ROP Tool Released by Chaitin Tech Used in PS4 Jailbreak Exploit
Following recent research from PlayStation 4 developers into the 4.01 PS4 Jailbreak by Chaitin Tech, today the Chinese PS4 Jailbreaking Team have released an ROP (Return Oriented Programming) tool...
Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Yakuza 6 Edition Limited Bundle
Recently Sony announced that a PlayStation 4 Yakuza 6 Edition Limited Bundle is coming to Japan on December 8th, with details below translated from, as follows: The “PlayStation 4...

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