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Inspired by the recent PS4 Webkit Exploit Local Server tutorial, @Al Azif shared a script to cover many of the steps in the guide and has since updated the Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool releasing on Github for those seeking to host their own PS4 Webkit Exploit page on LAN since Sony started blocking them. :geek:

Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool Download: / GIT / PS4 Exploit Host Menu (for those who don't want to host their own) / Exploits Folder Browser / PS4 Exploit Host for OpenWRT by irefuse

To quote from the PS4 Exploit Host

What is this?

This is an easy way for anyone to host their own exploit for the PS4 on their LAN. It blocks PSN to stop accidental updates, it also serves the 4.05 update if you want it to. You can also generate an FTP payload. There is also a simple CLI for sending additional payloads.

So the scope of this has become like an all in one toolkit.

  • Python 2 (Tested on 2.7.14)
  • The Python Directory added to your System Path Environment Variable (Windows Only)
  • This should run on Windows, OSX, and Linux (Tested on Windows 7, Windows 10, and Ubuntu 16.04)
How to download
  • Download the zip on the releases page
  • Download with Git, be sure to grab the submodules
How to run
  1. Run python from the command line
    • If it starts with no errors, note the IP given to you
  2. On your PS4 use the noted IP as your DNS server
  3. On your PS4, go to Settings > User Guide and select it. Boom, the exploit page should load.
  4. When you're done use Crtl+C to cleanly close the script

You can check the issue tracker for my to do list and/or bugs. Feel free to send a pull request for whatever. Be sure to report any bugs, include as much information as possible.

What if a new exploit is released?

You should just be able to replace the exploit files in the "exploit" folder.

Here are some other PS4-related Tweets making their rounds today:
Download: PS4-BETA-1.50-PS4UPDATE.PUP (307.9 MB) / PS4-BETA1-2.50-PS4UPDATE.PUP (233.6 MB) / PS4-BETA2-3.50-PS4UPDATE.PUP (286.5 MB) / PS4-BETA3-4.00-PS4UPDATE.PUP (297.8 MB)
Host Your Own Webkit Exploit & Jailbreak 4.05 Firmware PS4
How to Host the 4.55/4.05 Exploit Locally

How to host the PS4 WebKit exploit locally without being connected to the internet. Hosting the WebKit locally is more stable and can be customised.
Cheers to @hyndrid, @SSShowmik and @Wultra for the Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool news tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! (y)
Host Your Own PS4 Webkit Exploit Page on LAN by Al-Azif.jpg



Senior Member
@Koh23 in my opinion the best compliment is the "thank you!" at the end of it, but i'll take them both anyway :)
big credit to al azif however.


Hi Folks,
Just Jailbroke my 4.05 yesterday by Al Azif (dns is
(my pc is off)

crash bandicoot & p.t. works perfect.
My gta 5 , resident evil 7 aren't working.
as soon as I launch them it says error "np-34927-5"

am I doing something wrong??
the pkg's I have,
EP1004-CUSA00411_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-A0100-V0105.pkg(not working)
EP0102-CUSA03842_00-BH70000000000001-A0100-V0101.pkg(not working)
EP0002-CUSA07399_00-CRASHNSANETRLOGY-A0100-V0100.pkg (Working)

Or will I update to 4.55?


Staff Member
Since the last revisions, some more PS4 Exploit Host updates via Github today:


Some pretty big changes in this version, so I do expect some bugs, be sure to report them.
  • Added qwertyuiop's webkit rewrite to all 4.55 exploits
  • Updated all paylaods
    • Added web dumper back... still doesn't really work but it's built from source
    • New rule, I have to be able to see the source to include it a payload in a release
  • Try to fix issues users were having when extracting release on top of an old release. Don't do this.
  • Removed all args, replaced with settings.json
    • You can now delete updates, on any firmware version, by setting max_update in settings to be below your current firmware version (Must be higher than no_update). Make sure you do this before updating with the updater if you already have a official firmware update downloaded.
    • Added DNS pass through for devices you do not want DNS redirection on
    • Added option to disable UA checks
  • Added pingback to exploits that expect payloads (New payload menu trigger)
    • There are also no longer print statements while the menu is open
  • Added version check to warn users of an update for ps4-exploit-host
  • Default theme now grays out firmwares that do not match UA (Can still be clicked)
  • Added magenta theme by mickyyman
All 4.05 exploits/payloads, besides "Update Enabler", will be removed in the next release.

Updating in a bit



Senior Member
guys i download this ps4-exploit-host-win-v0.4.1 and i run. and i have message on top :
"WARNING: "Interface" in settings is not a valid IP, using default." And Later DNS server and HTTP server running and IP. I set settings in PS4 and when i go to User Manual and chose 4.55 and then HEN nothing happened. It's loading and loading and nothing :(
And why there is no more enablebrowser payload ?

very old version (i don't know which one) works ok like below :

When i try to use ps4-exploit-host-win-v0.4.0.1 i have some Java errors :unsure:
I have PS4 PRO.


Senior Member
this is interesting in my opinion... tried for the sake of it, and it indeed restricts network access to only lan. this way u won't ever get the chance to download a ps4 update... or whatever may happen network speaking.

i find online network in the ps4 jailbreak currently useless anyway.


Senior Member
Ok, i upgrade to 4.55 and regret it.

When i power up ps, and start browser, try to load HEN, i get this error:

Post exception: Type error: Attempt to assign to readonly property

When i click OK page closes, then loading screen stays forewer and loading (as long as i wait). So i have to press circle several times, to exit browser. Then run hen again, and after numerous "memory error" hen loads.

And this is every time when i turn on my ps, it's not some random crash, at random point.

I use latest al azif host for pc, local connection via router, without internet acess. Later i will try android host and al azif's dns, maybe problem is somwhere on my side.

Any toughts or solution to this problem is very welcome
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