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Since enabling PS4 Debug Mode on retail consoles, adding Debug Settings to the PS4 WebKit Playground via PS4 FTP Payloads, some PS4 1.76 UI Mods and full implementation in PS4 Debug Settings Payload v2 today PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao shared a guide on how to use PS4 FTP with fixed Debug Settings on 1.76 jailbroken consoles to access more devices. :love:

To quote from zecoxao: How to Use FTP with Fixed Debug Settings Tutorial

You need:
This follows the same way of the previous tutorials so i'll just make this simple.

Before sending the payload, hexedit it to add your IP. Search for

PS4 Guide to Use FTP with Fixed Debug Settings by Zecoxao 2.png

Replace it with your PS4 IP:

PS4 Guide to Use FTP with Fixed Debug Settings by Zecoxao 3.png

and just send it with netcat :)
You should have FTP working then.
Everything else is the same for CTurt payloads.

You get spoof to 5.00 firmware, FTP now allows you to dump crypt and cryptx partitions, as well as other things like iccnvs and Debug Settings are fully working (using Devkit Target ID)

  • sealab (For the full debug settings patches)
  • wildcard (For the port to 1.01 payload)
  • fx0day (For the original FTP payload sauce)
  • flatz (For the FTP payload fixes)
Download: 176FTP.bin (24.57 KB)
Download: ftp_payload_change_ip.bin (1.00 MB)
How to Setup FTP on a PS4
PS4 Guide to Use FTP with Fixed Debug Settings by Zecoxao.jpg



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when for others firmware a long past ago the dev speak and say DO NOT UPDATE but no kexploit releasing for others user only for 1.76 it's very sad :(