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Will Sony Make a PlayStation 5 / PS5 for Next-Gen?
This is a simple poll for fun, the question being do you think Sony will make a PlayStation 5 / PS5 for next-generation console gaming? Comment below and don't forget to VOTE people!!! :eek:
PSXHAX To-Do / Feature Request List
Here is a to-do list that we'll update periodically as stuff gets done! ;) Replace the current temp default avatars / site logo with nicer ones Improve colors (UserNames in some areas) and add flat themed / updated style Add Cufon, FontAwesome...
How to Move and Promote News to Our Main Page
Here at PSXHAX we aim to be a community-driven news site, so this is a simple guide for new Moderators on How to Move and Promote News to Our Main Page: Check the News Submissions board for any news to promote and share. Check the box (outlined...
Seeking PSXHAX Site Logo, Can Anyone Help Out?
We are seeking a PSXHAX site logo, if anyone can lend a hand reply below or send me a shout @PSXHAX. :) It should be a transparent PNG file, and should be mobile-friendly so not super huge in physical size. Our current one is 120x36 pixels...

Welcome to PSXHAX - PSXHACKS Everyone!

Welcome to PSXHAX (aka PSXHACKS) everyone... if you have any questions just holla and we'll be happy to help out! Also if you'd like to be a news writer, post your news HERE in the News Submissions forum and we'll mainpage it adding you to our...