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Inspired by the recent PS4 Webkit Exploit Local Server tutorial, @Al Azif shared a script to cover many of the steps in the guide and has since updated the Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool releasing on Github for those seeking to host their own PS4 Webkit Exploit page on LAN since Sony started blocking them. :geek:

Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool Download: / GIT / PS4 Exploit Host Menu (for those who don't want to host their own) / Exploits Folder Browser / PS4 Exploit Host for OpenWRT by irefuse

To quote from the PS4 Exploit Host

What is this?

This is an easy way for anyone to host their own exploit for the PS4 on their LAN. It blocks PSN to stop accidental updates, it also serves the 4.05 update if you want it to. You can also generate an FTP payload. There is also a simple CLI for sending additional payloads.

So the scope of this has become like an all in one toolkit.

  • Python 2 (Tested on 2.7.14)
  • The Python Directory added to your System Path Environment Variable (Windows Only)
  • This should run on Windows, OSX, and Linux (Tested on Windows 7, Windows 10, and Ubuntu 16.04)
How to download
  • Download the zip on the releases page
  • Download with Git, be sure to grab the submodules
How to run
  1. Run python from the command line
    • If it starts with no errors, note the IP given to you
  2. On your PS4 use the noted IP as your DNS server
  3. On your PS4, go to Settings > User Guide and select it. Boom, the exploit page should load.
  4. When you're done use Crtl+C to cleanly close the script

You can check the issue tracker for my to do list and/or bugs. Feel free to send a pull request for whatever. Be sure to report any bugs, include as much information as possible.

What if a new exploit is released?

You should just be able to replace the exploit files in the "exploit" folder.

Here are some other PS4-related Tweets making their rounds today:


Download: PS4-BETA-1.50-PS4UPDATE.PUP (307.9 MB) / PS4-BETA1-2.50-PS4UPDATE.PUP (233.6 MB) / PS4-BETA2-3.50-PS4UPDATE.PUP (286.5 MB) / PS4-BETA3-4.00-PS4UPDATE.PUP (297.8 MB)
Host Your Own Webkit Exploit & Jailbreak 4.05 Firmware PS4
How to Host the 4.55/4.05 Exploit Locally
Hosting PS4 5.05 Exploit Locally + Adding custom payloads (5.05 Jailbreak)
Hosting 5.05 Exploit Offline (PS4 Jailbreak)
How To Setup Al Azif DNS For Your PlayStation 4 And Run Any Payload Offline!
Cheers to @hyndrid, @SSShowmik and @Wultra for the Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool news tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! (y)
Host Your Own PS4 Webkit Exploit Page on LAN by Al-Azif.jpg



there's a problem when I click on it gives a us this command


What must we enter here?

all was mentioned was about python 2.7.14 and exploit 0.2.3 or 0.2.1 But this one has a different style


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Since the last revision, here are the latest updates from Github:

Spoiler: Depreciated


  • Fixed cosmetic errors
  • Added additional hash check to updater (I'm really trying to save people)
  • Catch another possible socket error
Make sure to download not Source code (zip) or Source code (tar.gz)


  • Pre-compiled Binaries (You don't need Python)
Windows build doesn't work 100% for some (DNS does not work properly)

This is a pre-release, I'm leaving the releases in case this doesn't work for you. This is still very much in the testing phase.


  • FTP payload built into script, no need to hex edit/compile payload
Make sure to download not Source code (zip) or Source code (tar.gz)


  • Added Mistawes's FTP/Debug/UART Payload
Make sure to download not Source code (zip) or Source code (tar.gz)


  • Reorganized files/folders
  • Added default binding for interfaces (Thanks protectivedad)

  • Added DNS & HTTP only args.
  • Added 32-Bit Linux binary... working on OSX binaries

  • Added --daemon arg by neofreno (Which needs to be reworked already as there are multiple integrated payloads)
  • Use HTTP/1.1 vs the default HTTP/1.0
  • Tweak blocklist
  • Added more integrated payloads
Do not download Source code (zip) or Source code (tar.gz) they are auto generated by GitHub and are missing dependencies.


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The trick is never to sleep, I figured it out. :kitty:


  • Make more user friendly for people who don't read
    • Disable sending another payload option
  • Disable sending a payload if the exploit sent is xvortex

  • XVortex's updated FTP payload to include dumping support
Do not download Source code (zip) or Source code (tar.gz) they are auto generated by GitHub and are missing dependencies.


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The "" is missing the submodules as Github doesn't include them if you use the download zip button. I've posted a zip release on the GH page that includes them. Also updated the read me to make it look a little better.
Thanks, source too, good when uid0.

d/l'd zip first then saw elf64's in release and strings plus git co source instead, then time diffing to another tool to work out what missing. Then here once finding nothing wrong both ways and sees your post = nothing from the git recursive checkout, only zip sources, clair now.


Guys, please help me :)

The program ps4-exploit-host doesn't work on my Windows 10 and I don't know why. I run the program and it's just crashes down without any errors. The same is for , the previous exploit. Maybe somebody knows the solution :)
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