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Proceeding his MyTrophies Beta PS4HEN Trophy Calculator and Iconit: PS4 Tool releases, PlayStation 4 homebrew developer OfficialAhmed released ProfileIt via Twitter which is an all-in-one PS4 tool to automate / change PlayStation 4 profile icons with ease. 😃

Download: ProfileIt (29.1 MB - Compiled) / (29.1 MB - Compiled Update) / ImageMagick-6.9.10-84-Q16-x64-dll.exe (31.4 MB) / / ProfileIt GIT / (36 MB - includes PS4Profile.exe) / PS4Profile GIT / (596 KB - includes PS4Shortcuts.exe) / PS4Shortcuts GIT

This utility comes following the PSN Avatar Grabber, PS4 Profile Trophies Mod, Custom PSN User Avatar Mods, PS4 Avatar Dumper Payload, PS4 Avatar Dumper / Injector (Writer) and also requires a PS4 FTP Payload on the PlayStation 4 system.

ProfileIt PS4 / What is this?

It's an automating tool that does a lot in seconds to change PS4 profile icons with ease with my tool ProfileIt.

You no longer need to convert, resize, nor uploading all 5 images to your system. That means you don't have to check the user code of your desired account exp [1xACCxxx] it will convert the code into your actual account name.

Though this only works with FTP, you must run FTP payload on the PS4 system.


The tool require ImageMagick (ImageMagick 6.9.10-84-Q16) in order to be able to convert the images, please consider downloading and installing it before running my tool.


When you run the installer as shown in the first picture on the link it'll ask you for additional tasks, choose all of the tasks and you're good to go.

NOTE: these steps only for first time next time you only run the tool ProfileIt.

ProfileIt / PS4 How to:
  • Open any exploit page
  • Run FTP (no HEN/Jailbreak) needed as long as you are running 5.07 or below firmware (As of 10th, Jan 2020)
  • Write you PS4 IP and Port on (IP_Port.txt) file
  • Make sure your image in (Profile Image) greater or equal than 440x440 size
  • Run (ProfileIt.exe) & Follow in app instructions
Happy Modding!
How to Change Profile Picture on PS4 with a Custom Image
⬆️ PS4Profile v0.01 by @master s9
You must activate your offline account
The "online.jsom" file you can change the name
PS4Profile v0.02
  • Save the IP address
  • New symbols
Thanks SAandTech
PS4Profile v0.3
  • PS4 Avatars
Thanks SAandTech
PS4Profile V0.3 Available To Edit Your Profile Name and Avatar by Master
PS4Profile v0.4
ProfileIt PS4 Tool to Change PlayStation 4 Profile Icons by OfficialAhmed.jpg


Yes you're super right
Everything is in right way...
Ready to receive hen in 7.xx before 12 of february or in the same day :closedeyetongue:
Thanks for all :D devs
I like how ANYTHING that is being worked on, released, rumored...etc. for PS4 ... even something as simple as this... gets turned into: "gimme kexploit!" :rolleyes: It never ever fails.
I am not hacker or console app developer.. but i like alot all those things regarding hacking homebrew reverse etc

For me one thing count.. if i am dev or hacker after complete my research i would try release it for everyone paid or not.. because i really dont care about false moralism of backups or others. The consoles are to play and enjoy.

If you have a jailconsole play it offline forever with your all backup software.. if you want to play online support the company and pay the game and subscriptions.. just this... in the end of the day if really love that game buy it even if you have jailconsole or not.

Like ps1 with mod chip.. ps2 with messiah mod chip or memory mods or in dreamcast era with bleem cd... those things was paid .. why today isnt the same?

Waiting for greatness on 12 of feb 2020 lol XD and one more time thanks for the job devs.
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