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Similar to several previous releases PS4 Remote PKG Sender by TeriHsu is a GUI application for use with Remote PKG Installer by @flatz, who recently shared an IDA PS5 ELF Loader Plugin with the PlayStation 5 Scene while awaiting TheFloW's Presentation next week alluding to a PS5 Hacking / PS5 Jailbreaking discovery he likely made previously (Jailbreaking PS5 Status). :geek:

Download: Remote-PKG-Sender.7z (8.53 MB - PS4_Remote_PKG_Sender_v1.0.0, includes Remote-PKG-Sender.exe) / GIT

For those new in the PS4 Scene, this comes following various related articles (sorted by date, with the oldest first):
And from the file: PS4_Remote_PKG_Sender

Used with the remote PKG installer on PS4

Thanks to the authors below for their repositories:

PSN_get_pkg_info to get package information. pygubu to build the UI interface. Twisted to create the download server.
PS4 Remote PKG Sender by TeriHsu for Remote PKG Installer.png


Very useful, thanks!

I have a doubt and I don't find anything about. Is there any version of alternative to PKG sender from Linux terminal? I have my backups in a Raspbian os server without gui.