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While the PS4 scene awaits Oct0xor's PlayStation Blu-ray Drive Code Execution 36c3 Talk that affects Sony PS3, PS4 and potentially PS5 drives šŸ¤« as suggested by @xorloser, today PlayStation 4 developer @theorywrong (Patreon) shared TheUpdaterToolkit on Twitter which is a work-in-progress (WIP) PS4 toolbox used for editing the official Sony updater. :tree: :santa:

Download: / GIT

Following his contributions to the PS4 OpenGL PSSL Pre-Compiled Shader Dumper, PS4 Fan Control Payloads and Updater for NoBD PS4 4.74, The Updater Toolkit requires an orbis_swu.self (previously mentioned HERE, HERE and HERE) which can be extracted via FTP from the PS4 and hex-edited as outlined below... or feel free to share one ready to use in the comments with everyone. :fire: :lovewins:

Download: orbis_swu.self-decrypted (2.91 MB) / orbis_swu.self (2.90 MB) via Coco Jones / orbis_swu.self (3.0 MB - Build: Apr 22 2019) via Coco Jones

And from the The Updater Toolkit

The Updater Toolkit is a experimental WIP toolbox for launching a highly modified updater from Sony.

No release is available for now, the source code is only here for research purposes.

Based on the work of TheoryWrong, LightningMods and Zecoxao.

  • This is a very very very experimental toolbox, be careful with this !
  • We are not responsible for any damage on your PS4 !
You need to put libc.prx and libSceFios2.prx inside the sce_module folder.

How I can get the orbis_swu.self ?

You simply need to extract it with the FTP from your PS4. You can after just edit with IDA and a HEX Editor.

You need to make some patch for launch it on your PS4, for now, you need to call the syscall 68 at the begin of the process. See here for orbis_swu (5.05):
The Updater Toolkit PS4 Toolbox Realtime Editor WIP by TheoryWrong 2.png

You're also need to patch the function sceVideoOutOpen for using the bus MAIN (set rdi [Arg 2] to 0).
The Updater Toolkit PS4 Toolbox Realtime Editor WIP by TheoryWrong 3.png

After, you need to fake sign it with the make_fself (SELF / FSELF Write-up / / (Updated) / Make_FSELF_GUI) from FlatZ. The AuthID for orbis_swu is:
Happy hacking ! ;)
Cheers to @saso34 for passing the news along earlier today! šŸ»
The Updater Toolkit PS4 Toolbox Realtime Editor WIP by TheoryWrong.jpg


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