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During Sony's PlayStation 5 news announcement of a PS5 launch in Q4 2020 yesterday a few PlayStation scene devs shared feedback on future PS4 jailbreak exploits and homebrew with the release of the PlayStation 4 v7.00 Firmware Update leaving many curious since the exploit chain limitations and lack of interest by PS4 scene developers previously noted. :notworthy:

Below are some related Tweets from @Abkarino of Team Rebug via Twitter and diwidog (aka kiwidog or kiwidoggie) on Twitter who recently hinted at some qwertyoruiopz-level (PS4 5.50 WebKit / Userland Exploit Rewrite, PS4 4.55 BPF Race Condition Kernel Exploit Writeup, PS4 GTA V Mods Demo, Hacking the PS4: From Zero to Ring Zero in Two Easy Steps PDF) memes coming soon! 🔥

According to the Tweets, a new public PS4 kernel exploit or SAMU public hack alongside a full open source toolchain and finished Mira and mm (not multiMAN) may not surface until the PS5's release late next year or beyond.

Those wondering what Mira is may want to review some past articles covering MiraHEN, MiraFW, PS4 CFW in Mira Project, a MiraHEN PS4 4.55 Port and even more Mira Ports on various PlayStation 4 Firmware versions.

Additionally, for further SAMU details refer to the PS4 SAMU Encryption discovery, SAMU on PS4 Decrypted, the PS4 Secure Asset Management Unit (SAMU) Processor and the secure execution environment SAMU Patent itself.

For everybody waiting for a new #PS4 kernel #exploit or #SAMU public hack please wait and still tuned
PlayStation 5 launches holiday 2020
naw not from here at least y'all be happy if you get the full open source toolchain and finished Mira and mm (not multiman) by then
Yes unless devs have a fully open source legit *** it will be very hard to see anything on the wild 😥
Libc is done, building and pending on another tool. Then libdri will be ported next, this gives us the ability to build shaders without the use of devkit bins. After that the contest begins with 2 months of entries
Tbh I straight up forgot, projects done just gotta record video
It may be released some days after PS4 end of life unless if Sony used it on PS5 as well
Love u AbkarinoMHM ❤🙇🏽‍♂️ the only question is, if we need to stay on 6.72 or even low, like 5.05...
Sony was nervous at this time because PS3 was not reached its End of life cycle when first public hack released ;)

Finally, in the mix of Tweets above sjmak83 raised a valid question for those who can't afford a second PlayStation 4 console:

Typically scene devs recommend staying as low as possible for the best chance of future jailbreak exploit compatibility, but is the current PS4 status quo still 5.05 / 5.07... or is there now a higher 'magic number' that end-users can safely update to without fear of jeopardizing their console's exploitability in the future to enjoy current (paid for) games today? :unsure:

If anyone knows, send a smoke signal... :ninja: pleasecomeagain_filesystem-7.00.7z (796.3 MB - PS4 7.00 Decrypted Filesystem and Kernel)
PS4 scene wakeup call
  • Why nothing is being released for more than 5.05 via dayzerosec
Cheers to @oneman123 (aka ZiL0G80) for sharing the dusty ol' PS4 pic on Twitter! 🍻
PlayStation Scene Devs on Future PS4 Jailbreak Exploits and Homebrew.jpg
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Nah. I stop wait for KEX. RDR2 & Detroit coming soon, will be on torrent in couple of days. Kingdom Hearts 3 on PC confirmed. I has left more than 100 games, waiting in pkgs. So even 5.05 is enough for now. But I upgrading mine PC now, so most multiplatform will run on PC.

When I've check left PS4 exclusives - no more than 10 left. So thinking about next sw update, especially for FFVII Remake & Last Of Us pt.2. I think most people will update console, if new kex didn't arrives in Feb-Mar 2020. Especially for these 2 games (mostly I mean TLOU2).

But for 1-2 games update - it's no use, better to borrow smb's console for couple weeks with TLOU2 & FFVII Remake. And I've already praise the devs for 4.55 & 5.05 kex, its one reason that I've buy PS4 (same as PS3 before). I'm not ready to pay 50-60$ for games, fck them!

Because I has wife, 2 sons, car, home etc. So just wait patiently, or update - all up to you. Seems scene is dead, but we has more than enough games for now. Or we has 80-90% same games for free on PC...
:idea: Reminder: Those without a Verified Badge yet on Discord to access the private areas we recommend Joining Us! Why? The waiting process takes a week for new Members, and there's a lot we're unable to share on public forums including the latest PS4 PKG Games. 🏴‍☠️


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@astherion so do i, i have wife, 2 kids, 2 cars, 2 homes (1 for rent, 1 for my family to stay), a restaurant, 1 wii, 1 modded wii, 1 ps2 fat, 1 modded ps2 fat na 1tb, 1 ps3 fat 60gb edition, 1 modded ps3 cech2500a cfw, 1 ps4 pro running fw 7.0 and 1 ps4 slim running 5.05 hen 2.1.1 with esp8266 dongle, 2 pc, 4 laptops, 3 tablets, etc

don't get me wrong i used that machine for the rare game that i don't find anywhere on my local market i'm old fashioned guy who love to buy physical copies of games for collection. so if ffvii remake arrives on the market i don't mind buying 2 copies of it.


Totally agree!
If u want to know a dev, contact him in form of a noob and he will conduct himself as an elder god.
If u want to know a typical user, release something and he'll ask for more and more and....

It's not just an ps-scene thing but it's consisely.

Nino Z

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I understand this and think that it's the best approach. If they know of an exploit, keeping it a secret until the end means that sony won't patch it early on.

And once it's released after the next system is out, almost no more games will be released for the PS4, meaning that you will have an exploit with full system support, because almost no games and no new and cool features will be released. It's a good plan - I approve of it.


Hello every one
I'm living in sudan and I have a problem with Ps4 games since our country is not at economic state that allow sudanese to buy ps4 games because it is expensive

When I hear about jailbreak I was happy
but my console is at version 5.55

So I'm asking you please at least give me an answer should I wait??? Or just buy games and update my os???!

Thanks for every thing and sorry for the bad language..
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